The pedigree database is an extensive, searchable, and user friendly database that contains records on all Chow Chows with CCCI-recognized health certifications: OFA, CERF, Penn-Hip, CHIC etc. the database also contains pedigrees of chows in general.

There are currently more than 60824 individual Chows recorded in the CCCI Health Database.  Of these there are approximately 4871 Hip registrations, 773 Elbow registrations, 759 Patella registrations, 404 Thyroid registrations, 344 Cardiac registrations, 414 CERF registrations, 207 CHIC registrations,  460 ROM registrations 755 Obedience Titles, and  878 Smooth Chows recorded in the database. Many chows have multiple certifications. There are also about 5490 chows that have one or more photos included with their information in the database.

If your Chow Chow is missing data, missing a photo (or you want to add/change photos) or some data looks incorrect on your chow, then please help us update it. Submissions, updates, and corrections to the database can be made by using the "Pedigree Entry Form" or by sending the information directly to me.

Thank you for helping make the official Chow Health and Pedigree Database of the best and most accurate Chow Chow pedigree databases in existance.

Phil DeGruy
Chow Health Database Admin