This is an article in PDF format written by Mai Brit Torngren, med. vet. and Senior Lecturer Jens Arnbjerg, dr. med. vet. Department of Small Animal Science,
The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (translation by Lis Taul)

The study consisted of a literature study as well as practical research performed in the autumn of 2002 on 54 Danish Chow Chows. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Danish Chow Chow Club for its great enthusiasm and interest in the project. Copies of the thesis are handed out to the committee of The Danish Chow Chow Club.

The background for this study is the high prevalence of ruptures of anterior cruciate ligament that can be found in Chow Chows, compared to the non-angular deformity in the hind legs typical for the breed.

Therefore, guidelines have been established for the breed standard, in order to prevent degeneration in the knee joint due to straight hind legs. Such a dramatic change should not take place without scientific evidence, because straight hind legs and a shuffling gait are some of the unique Chow Chow characteristics.

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